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What are the variables that matter when renting a car ?

Different car rental company’s market different uniqueness as a means of customer acquisition on why clients should rent their cars but it’s been difficult to ascertain what clients really value..

is it mileage? Is it cost of Fuel? Is it the price to rent the car? There has been a diverse view on what clients actually value, this has led to confusion among car rental suppliers as they have failed to fully ascertain what solution to offer their clients

The answer lies in a view that Yarutso car rental has studied and somewhat perfected, the truth answer of what clients want lies in their differences and not their similarities. The truth is we are not the same despite the best interest of marketers to come up with homogenous segments, and the ability to separate issues on a case to case basis is what totally defies marketing school.

Clients have different apetities! A client with an intenetary that includes vehicle dropped at the airport, being able to travel to the rural areas of Zimbabwe where the terrains are extremely terrible and yet they need to see their grandmother they haven’t seen in a while lies in a car rental suppliers ability to provide a fit for purpose 4×4 compact SUV , no matter the discounts offered on renting a Honda fit , the car will not suffice the purpose and a car rental ability to understand this trend before and perhaps stock the right cars in stock is the true answer to meeting your clients need .

The same is true for a laptop supplier in Harare who has a mobility need to servicing their clients across Harare some in Avondale, some in East Eastlea, some in Highlands, they realised using a taxi is expensive hence they end up renting a car on contract . On this case discounts are extremely important as the tenure of car rental is quite long and in the case of a small business, cost cutting and protecting their profit margin is extremely important. Hence the car rental supplier must design a product that speaks to this cause.

In the two different cases of car rental need , the factors are different. Terrain matters , discounts matter , boot size matters , all the factors matter , but they’re not equal on all cases , in some cases on factor far outweighs the other. Hence car rental service providers in Harare ought to understand this phenomena and approach it differently as it requires.

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